Son, Grandson | Reimagining Personal Development | “What Happens in Tomorrow World?” Publishing Spring 2021, BenBella Books, Matt Holt Books

She didn’t eat healthily and she didn’t follow her purpose.

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The woman on the tv screen was mesmerizing. My dad and I sat together smiling, hanging onto her every word. She lived on this earth for more than a century, but her face was barely wrinkled. She stood without a hunch. She spoke without any slurred speech or delay. Mentally, she seemed as fit as I am.

There must have been something that led to this kind of sustained…

It all starts with these three questions

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With slippery hands gently clutched around my knees, back curled over ninety-degrees, face looking down into the scalding cement pavement, I focused on catching my breath and wiping off the ovular drops of sweat that were relay-racing from the top of my forehead down into my eyes and congregating just above my top lip.

I straightened out, put my hands over my head to give my lungs some expansion room, let out a booming exhale and turned up the volume on the little voice that was offering words of wisdom inside my ears.

That’s when I heard a phrase that…

“I wish I was more willing to forgive.”

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“There was blood everywhere. But wait, let me backtrack.”

“This piercing voice was screaming so loudly that I could hear her from the second floor. She lives on the fourth. I’m a nurse, so when I hear somebody screeching, “Heeeeelp! Heeeeelp!” I spring into action. I jolted out of my apartment and checked all the rooms on my floor. Then I sprinted up the stairs to the third floor. The screaming wasn’t coming from there either.

I raced up to the fourth floor, and I heard it loud and clear. “Help! Help me right now!” I crept into apartment 4F…

A lil’ book about manifestation

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“You have the ability to make anything you want in your life come to fruition.”

“Screw that noise.” Megan whispered as she rolled her eyes and slammed her laptop closed. She’d heard enough self-help advice and woo woo nonsense for one day. She needed to make a change, but she needed something real, not abstract.

But to Megan’s surprise, although her laptop was shut, the volume continued to play, and she could hear the man on her computer continue to give his speech.

“You have the power to make your dreams a reality.” He stopped and revealed a goofy smile.

Bridging the gap between who I was and who I could be.

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That guy is going to be a millionaire within the next ten years.

I’d just finished a long day at my finance internship, and afterward, I grabbed a bite with some buddies in Chicago. As I was walking out, I bumped into a friend and former volunteer coordinator of mine, Carrie, who taught me how to care for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I stopped to chat, and I noticed there was a woman sitting next to her. Instinctively, I put out my hand, said my name, and continued to update Carrie about all the finance work I was doing…

Don’t let their size fool you.

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“That was the first book I’ve actually finished in nine years.”

My roommate, an attorney who reads fifteen hours per day, flipped beyond the “About the Author” page just to make sure he didn’t miss anything. He laid the book on the table in front of him and spoke.

“This is the kind of book I need,” he said matter-of-factly. “Short, sweet, to the point, but a powerful message. I want to be able to read it in one sitting. I want to feel compelled to turn the page, to put off a call or meeting because I’m just dying…

Why a few hours of idle time can boost worker productivity.

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With nine people clumped together in a room the size of a two-car garage, it was almost impossible to not hear everyone’s conversations. But this was the nature of a budding startup. Minimize costs on the non-essentials. Space was unfortunately one of them.

In the summer of 2016, I worked for an Asian delivery food company. It was a husband and wife founded team, and this definitely allowed me to eavesdrop on some interesting conversations. One of the most common points of contention was about time.

Was each employee spending the right amount of time growing the business? …

“Tell me about yourself” wasn’t one of them.

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From May 2019 to July 2019 I did 90 podcast interviews in 90 days. I wanted the challenge of setting an audacious goal, and I wanted the thrill of achieving it. But more so than anything, I wanted to learn how to become a better interviewee.

Little did I know, I would end up becoming more invested in the questions people were asking than I was in my responses.

After thousands of minutes on calls, hundreds of zoom invites, and dozens of interviews, I realized the best questions (which led to the best conversations) were the ones that were most…

You don’t have to pay for knowledge.

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“It’s awesome that you’re going back to school to become a therapist. Man, I wish I could do something like that.”

“Why can’t you?” I asked. Miguel looked back at me, shook his head slowly, gave a half smile, then a full one. I couldn’t see from my side of the Zoom call, but he looked over at something in his house. Maybe someone. Then he spoke.

“I’ve got four kids, man. I’m a single dad. I’d love to go back to school, but I don’t have the time or money to do that.”

I was crushed. Here was a…

From a New York City taxi driver.

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Photo by Nicole Campana on Unsplash

The familiar van looked different than the others that crowded the narrow New York City streets. On the rear window, as well as on stickers that covered the backseat, it read, “FREE RIDES FOR ALL FRONT LINE WORKERS!”

I didn’t think it was possible to get anything for free in New York City, let alone a cab ride.

But when I hailed this taxi near Washington Square Park, although masked, I could see the driver in the rearview mirror smiling at me with his eyes. I immediately noticed there was no divider separating him from his passengers, something I actually…

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