Son, Grandson | Reimagining Personal Development | “What Happens in Tomorrow World?” Publishing Spring 2021, BenBella Books, Matt Holt Books
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“It’s not about purpose. It’s not about healthy eating. It’s not about rest, or relationships, or religion or exercise. I only have two secrets that helped me live to 103-years old.”

The woman on the tv screen was mesmerizing. My dad and I sat together smiling, hanging onto her every…

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“There was blood everywhere. But wait, let me backtrack.”

“This piercing voice was screaming so loudly that I could hear her from the second floor. She lives on the fourth. I’m a nurse, so when I hear somebody screeching, “Heeeeelp! Heeeeelp!” I spring into action. I jolted out of my…

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I recently put something together for storytellers everywhere.

This little 30-page ebook has taken me over a year to write. It’s the longest I’ve ever worked on something. It’s the most difficult time I’ve had with finding the right words to share.

But it’s also the most excited I’ve been to release something new.

So, You Wanna Tell Better Stories? is a deep dive into the skills, tricks, techniques, and exercises I use to become a better storyteller in work and life.

I hope they help you too.

Get it for free here!

mind cafe’s picks of the week

  1. Greatest Tip Ever: Albert Einstein’s Theory Of Happiness by Peter Burns
  2. 1 Year Ago, I Gave Away Everything I Own by Charlie Brown
  3. 12 Simple Ways to Include More Mindfulness in Your Day by Ashley Richmond

Happy November!

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A monk told Joshu, “I have just entered this monastery. I beg you to teach me.” Joshu asked, “Have you eaten your rice porridge?” The monk replied, “I have.” “Then,” said Joshu, “Go and wash your bowl.”

At that moment the monk was enlightened.

This zen story shows the simple, yet small power of tiny actions to make big changes. It doesn’t take much. Sometimes all you need, is a minor shift, to make a major improvement.

Some stories from this week to represent this mindset:

mind cafe’s picks of the week

  1. 6 Tiny Habits That Can Boost Your Sex Life As a Man by Growth Lodge
  2. 3 Daily Challenges That Will Strengthen Your Mental Fortitude by Jesse Pedersen
  3. The 3 Words That Will Make You More Empathetic by Jamie Logie

Until next week.

Much love,

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Today starts the beginning of my 20-week guilty pleasure…

Football Sunday!!!

Every Sunday from now until the end of the NFL season, I melt into my couch, eat a few cheat meals, and watch football on TV all day long.

Guilty pleasures are necessary. They help us maintain a balance between work and enjoyment. They keep our lives in moderation.

What’s yours?

mind cafe’s picks of the week

  1. How To Naturally Balance Your Sex Hormones by Alexa V.S.
  2. A Mantra to Quickly Get Back on Track by Patrik Edblad
  3. Burnout Didn’t Happen To Me — It Happened For Me by Janz Is Writing

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